Curtis Frillmann










The Forest & The City



    Two parts of our world often thought of as opposites find themselves inter-connected in this exhibition.  The influence of growing up in Chicago is evident in the cityscapes, but moving to Grand Rapids has given me an appreciation for the beauty and fragility of our wooded surroundings in West Michigan.  The exhibition entitled Between the Forest and the City explores how nature is increasingly forgotten in the midst of our modern world.  The paintings have either a landscape or a cityscape theme intended to contrast each other with their natural or urban inspiration.  The forest remains timeless and central, yet still provides for us a sense of rebirth and hope for the future, and the city represents both modern hopes for some, and problems of our society for others. Like the title of the show Between the Forest and the City some of my work displays a more otherworldly view between these two extremes.

    I often include poems I have written, or phrases into my paintings.  Using image and text together is a method that is very modern as well as very old.  
I explore how today’s commercial images and objects mingle with traditional forms, from an austere and natural intent to a fresher approach for my content driven work.

© 2007 Curtis Frillmann