Gen Art Chicago Collectors Circle Event:  360See Gallery
                     SEEN                Recycled and environmentally charged works of art by Curtis Frillmann
                     HEARD             The artist’s commentary on his gorgeous and thought-provoking eco-art.  
Read more in an interview with Curtis here.
Divine Chocolate, wine and a newfound appreciation for the rolling Midwest landscape
       See what happens when art, nature and beauty collide (with cocktails) in our photo gallery

About The Exhibitions:
Curtis Frillmann, "Iron Pastorals"
Most recently recognized for his recycled paintings, Frillmanns has created a series of environmentalist
pieces that are painted on a "canvas" of discarded objects. In this newest series, Frillmann employs recycled
objects such as weathered sheet metal to create canvases that evoke the memory of Chicago's farmland
roots on formed remnants of today's industrialized world. Frillmann builds up surfaces on formally constructed
found object canvases to reflect the struggle of savage and urbane forces and to illustrate the influence man
has over the land.