Curtis Frillmann 















    What is at the core of the choices we make?  Perhaps it is that in this country we have too many choices.  This exhibition grapples with the concern of how our excesses affect the integrity of our planet. And as we look more closely at the freedom we have to live our lives, to spend our leisure time, more and more we opt to narcotize our imaginations, to squelch the very thing that art awakens in us.  As a working artist in the midst of all these possibilities I explore the idea of value, material and otherwise.  In this series of paintings I incorporate abandoned materials into the canvas and produce work on panels of discarded objects.
    My paintings address a search for belonging as our world becomes more constructed and artificial.  As we invariably pursue what is new in our world my work attempts to recover a spiritual reclamation that comes when we allow the Earth to reclaim its place for coming generations.

© 2011 Curtis Frillmann